Guy Giaimo-McClung
Director & Cinematographer​​​​​​​
It’s human nature to live our lives through stories. Anytime we talk about memories - how you met a friend, a trip you took together - they are all conveyed through stories. That’s what draws me to film.  Seeing each chapter of a story come together is what I get excited about. 
In a world where so much of your life is recorded, how you tell that story still matters; how it is told is everything. Whether it's of your wedding day, business, or an important event, I love the challenge of telling your story. Whereas, photos are a great way to capture a specific moment; with film I am able to capture the experience in a way that is uniquely powerful. 
I’ve learned over the years that each narrative is unique, and I love that.
I'm Guy, and I'm a storyteller.
Chris Magnuson
Producer & Writer
I graduated from college with a degree in Film Production and Screenwriting and a goal to tell great stories. After working with the BBC in London and CNN in Los Angeles, I moved to the Midwest and Kansas City where I became inspired to tell the stories of the people and businesses that make this city and region so great.
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